Florida’s Double Whammy: Soaring Auto Insurance Rates Add to Homeowner Premium Woes

Florida Drivers Hit Hard by Skyrocketing Auto Insurance Rates Amidst Nationwide Increases As if the escalating cost of homeowner insurance wasn’t enough, Florida residents are now facing an additional financial

Tampa International Airport Unveils Ambitious 20-Year Master Plan to Accommodate Soaring Passenger Numbers

Tampa International Airport has revealed its visionary 20-year master plan to accommodate the rapidly growing number of travelers visiting each year. With the goal of preparing for an estimated 38.8

Rising Gas Prices in Florida: A Burden for Motorists and Small Businesses

Over the course of a single week, gas prices in the state of Florida have skyrocketed by a staggering 10 cents per gallon, causing a significant burden for both motorists

Saving Lives and Transforming Transportation: Guident’s Quest for Autonomous Vehicles

Every year, the world witnesses a staggering number of deaths due to traffic accidents, reaching approximately 1.3 million fatalities globally. In the United States alone, the number of deaths exceeds

Makena Express Files for Bankruptcy Citing COVID-19 Pandemic

Florida-based trucking company Makena Trading Corp., doing business as Makena Express, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing the COVID-19 pandemic as the primary reason for its decline in

Walmart Expands Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to More Locations

Walmart has announced plans to expand electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to more Walmart and Sam’s Club locations in the United States. The move comes as part of Walmart’s commitment

Brightline Train Service to Launch Orlando Route in Q2 2023

Central Florida is gearing up for the arrival of the Brightline train service, which is set to launch its Orlando route in the second quarter of 2023. The expansion project