DQ announces 85 cent Blizzards with launch of summer menu

DQ announces 85 cent Blizzards with launch of summer menu

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Dairy Queen is kicking up the nostalgia this summer with not only the return of a fan-favorite Blizzard but also a deal straight from the 80s.

To celebrate the introduction of the Blizzard in 1985, DQ will offer up a small Blizzard treat for just 85 cents. The deal will be available through the chains mobile app from April 10-23.

Not all DQ locations accept coupons or allow online ordering, so youll want to be sure you select a participating location. The small Blizzard can be any flavor, from a classic like cookie dough to one from their new summer menu which includes the return of three flavors and two brand-new treats.

The fan-fave Smores Blizzard will be back this summer, as will the Cotton Candy and Choco Dipped Strawberry Blizzard Treats. Youll also find two brand-new flavors Oreo Brookie and Peanut Butter Puppy Chow on the summer Blizzard menu.

Dairy Queen

The Smores Blizzard is made with marshmallow-filled chocolates and graham crackers, the Cotton Candy treat has cotton candy sprinkles and the Choco Dipped Strawberry Blizzard has chunks of strawberries and chocolate.

The new Oreo Brookie flavor is a mash-up of brownies and cookies (hence the name, brookie), with Oreo cookie pieces as well as brookie pieces blended with vanilla soft-serve, while the Peanut Butter Puppy Chow contains crispy peanut butter puppy chow pieces, peanut butter and chocolate chunks.

Dairy Queen

If youre not familiar with puppy chow, you may instead know the treat as monkey munch or muddy buddies. No matter which name it goes by, the treat is made with cereal, melted chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar so you can expect all of those ingredients in the Blizzard.

If you dont have a Dairy Queen near you, the website Desserts on a Dime has a puppy chow ice cream recipe if you want to make it fully from scratch. Or, you can simply whip up some puppy chow and top your next bowl of ice cream with it!

Which of DQs summer flavors are you most excited to try?

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