These 5 tips will make you a pro at applying false lashes

These 5 tips will make you a pro at applying false lashes

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False eyelashes have become a mainstay in the beauty industry. The market has grown exponentially in the last several years, and by 2030, it is expected to be valued at $1.6 billion.

From magnetic eyelashes to pre-glued lashes, false eyelashes have now evolved to be nearly weightless and so error-proof that even newbies can apply lashes with ease.

But do you know the best way to apply false eyelashes? There are a few different techniques that can make the process as easy as swiping on mascara.

Try Magnetic Lashes Amazon

One of the most frustrating parts of false eyelashes is dealing with the glue. If you have ever gotten eyelash glue in your eyes, you know the pain and frustration of having one drop of glue ruin your night. Thats why magnetic lashes have become so popular.

Arishine Magnetic Lashes are a popular option in this category, with a nearly five-star rating on Amazon. Simply swipe on the Arisihine magnetic eyeliner, then place the magnetic lashes on the liner, which will instantly cling to the liner. Easy as that!

Apply Glue Underneath Your Lashes

Still prefer glue? Then try this unique method for applying false eyelashes. Instead of laying lashes on top of your lash line, many beauty experts are now recommending just the opposite. By applying false eyelashes under your lashes, you can get the fullness and length you desire without anyone being able to tell that you are wearing falsies.

You can do this technique with strips or individual lashes, but it will be easier to apply and customize if you do the latter. Hold a mirror below your face so you will have a good vantage point. Then dot eyelash glue a millimeter or two from the base of your lash line. Using tweezers or eyelash wands, press the false lashes against the glue. Continue until youve achieved the volume and length you desire.

Try Pre-Glued Lashes Amazon

Heres a way to avoid applying glue: Drugstore brands like KISS now offer pre-glued lashes that can be applied in mere seconds. KISSs Falscara Eyelash Extensions are an inexpensive way to dupe eyelash extensions at home, without any lengthy visit to the salon required.

Use The Right Tools Amazon

Using the right tools to apply your false eyelashes will ensure that your lashes look flawless. With this 3-piece kit from Amazon, you can perfectly place your lashes exactly where you want them, and then use the clamping tool to press the false eyelashes onto your natural lashes so that they tightly adhere. The set also comes with tweezers for you to ensure your brows are on point as well. There are even eyelash application tools for magnetic eyelashes, so you never have to worry about dropping your lashes in the sink again as you apply them.

Finish With A Seal Adobe

In order to keep your false eyelashes intact, its a good idea to seal your lashes to protect them from dirt and oil. You can use a product like Bond-and-Lock on Amazon, or you can use clear mascara to help bind and blend your natural and false eyelashes. Dont have any bonding mascara or clear mascara? You can still gently brush through your lashes with a clean spoolie to blend your lashes and remove any dust or clumps of glue. Remember to avoid any products that contain oil, and clean your lashes gently with oil-free makeup removers to maintain the life of your false eyelashes.

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