WestShore Plaza Mall Set for Major Redevelopment: A New Era on the Horizon

WestShore Plaza Mall Set for Major Redevelopment: A New Era on the Horizon

WestShore Plaza Mall, a familiar landmark in Tampa, is poised for a major transformation following the recent approval of a redevelopment plan by the Tampa City Council. The decision marks the culmination of nearly four years of anticipation since initial plans to revitalize the mall were unveiled.

The approved plan, put forth by Washington Prime Group, outlines the ambitious vision to replace the existing mall with a vibrant mixed-use district. This new district will encompass a diverse array of amenities including retail spaces, residential apartments, office buildings, medical facilities, and more.

One of the notable aspects of the redevelopment is the inclusion of Macy’s, which will remain standing amidst the demolition of the rest of the mall. This strategic decision reflects a balance between preserving familiar elements and introducing fresh opportunities for growth and development.

In terms of scale, the project is substantial, spanning the entirety of the 52-acre property. The planned features include over 900,000 square feet of retail space, 380,000 square feet allocated for professional offices, and an additional 120,000 square feet designated for medical offices. Moreover, the development will accommodate 1,765 multifamily residential units, a sizable hotel or motel spanning 256,000 square feet, as well as ample space for restaurants, recreational facilities, and a transit hub operated by the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority.

While the approval signifies a significant milestone, the actual implementation of the redevelopment will occur in phases, as indicated by a spokesperson from Washington Prime Group. At present, there is no definitive timeline for the commencement of construction, underscoring the complexity of the project and the need for careful planning and execution.

Despite the green light from the City Council, the process is not without its procedural requirements. As of now, no demolition permit has been filed, signaling that there are still administrative steps to be completed before physical changes to the site can commence.

The approved redevelopment plan for West Shore Plaza Mall heralds a new chapter for the iconic landmark, promising a dynamic and modernized environment that reflects the evolving needs and aspirations of the community. While the specifics of the timeline and execution remain to be determined, the overarching vision sets the stage for a transformative endeavor that could reshape the fabric of the surrounding area for years to come.