Cannadelic Summer: An Exploration of Cannabis, Psychedelics, and Herbal Products

Cannadelic Summer: An Exploration of Cannabis, Psychedelics, and Herbal Products

Welcome to Cannadelic Summer, the world’s largest convention dedicated to cannabis, psychedelics, and other herbal products. This unique gathering of professionals in the industry recently took place in the vibrant city of St. Petersburg, Florida. Hosted for the first time in this cannabis-restrictive state, the event has garnered attention for its intriguing mix of legal and, shall we say, more ambiguous products.

Organized by Florida cannabis advocate Peter Sessa and his wife, Colleen, Cannadelic Summer is an offshoot of the successful Cannadelic Miami, which drew an impressive 13,000 attendees over three days last year. With an increasing international appeal, advocates and enthusiasts were eagerly anticipating its expansion to new territories.

Florida’s cannabis laws are relatively restrictive, allowing access to marijuana products only for medical cardholders through licensed dispensaries. However, this limitation hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of attendees at Cannadelic Summer. Florida boasts the highest number of medical marijuana cardholders in the United States, drawing a diverse crowd seeking innovation and new experiences in the laissez-faire marketplace of the convention.

The event itself is an intriguing juxtaposition of legal and not-so-legal substances. Renowned medical marijuana operator Surterra took center stage as the marquee sponsor, surrounded by reputable hemp, CBD, and legal mushroom sellers. But venturing towards the back, attendees stumbled upon darker corners where vendors displayed products that occupy legal gray areas.

Some vendors pushed boundaries with products like psilocybin gummies and dried psilocybin mushrooms, items that typically fall under the category of prohibited substances. Organizers ensured a strict policy, requiring vendors to sign contracts confirming the legality of their products. Nevertheless, the discreet packaging and covert transactions hinted at the underlying challenges of navigating the current regulatory landscape.

For many attendees, Cannadelic Summer represents an opportunity to explore the evolving world of psychedelics and cannabis. Jacob Smith of Green Smith Family Farms, who specializes in hemp cultivation, capitalized on a legal “gray area” by selling hemp flower and “research and development flower” that remains untested and indistinguishable from marijuana.

Such events serve as a training ground for vendors and industry players, allowing them to prepare for anticipated changes in legal frameworks. Austin Jones, owner of Divine Wellness, sees these gatherings as a way to push boundaries in an immature market, preparing for an eventual mainstream shift in acceptance and distribution.

Beyond the array of products, the true essence of Cannadelic Summer lies in its insightful speakers, addressing the legal landscape for psychedelics, equity in the cannabis industry, and other crucial topics. Advocates like Peter Sessa aim to destigmatize cannabis and psychedelics, emphasizing their potential as “plant medicine” rather than mere vehicles for recreational highs.

For participants like Kyle Obenberger of Full Canopy, attending Cannadelic Summer in Florida is a principled pursuit of greater access and the dismantling of cost barriers. He hopes to set an example by focusing on health and responsible practices, aligning with a changing perception of psychedelics as tools for healing and personal growth.

Cannadelic Summer serves as a captivating exploration of the diverse world of cannabis, psychedelics, and herbal products. As the industry continues to evolve, events like this push the boundaries, promoting responsible practices, and inspiring change in attitudes and legislation. With advocates and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe gathering to exchange knowledge and experiences, Cannadelic Summer remains at the forefront of the cannabis and psychedelics revolution.