Florida Business News

King State: Transitioning from Coffee to Cocktails in St. Petersburg

King State, a well-known coffee shop, restaurant, and bar in Tampa, recently closed its St. Petersburg location after a brief stint. However, the owners have unveiled plans for a new

Analyzing Tampa Bay’s Inflation Trends: Challenges and Concerns

In the Tampa Bay area, the cost of living has seen a gradual increase over the past year, with inflation rates hovering around 3.7%, slightly higher than the national average

Analyzing Potential Changes in Tampa Bay Electric Bills: Duke Energy and Tampa Electric’s Proposals for

Duke Energy and Tampa Electric Company, two prominent utility providers in Tampa Bay, have recently submitted detailed proposals to the Florida Public Service Commission regarding potential changes in electric bills

Driving Change: The Rising Tide of Electric Vehicles in Tampa Bay and Florida

In recent years, Florida has witnessed a gradual but notable increase in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), and the Tampa Bay area stands as a significant contributor to this

Hidden Paradise: Unveiling the Charm of a St. Petersburg Mid-Century Home, Now on SALE!

Nestled in the heart of St. Petersburg, 5034 28th Avenue N appears like any other suburban residence from the street. However, a hidden gem awaits beyond its boundaries – nearly

IRS Introduces Free Online Tax Filing Tool: Direct File Now Available for Floridians and Select

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has rolled out a new online tax filing tool, Direct File, now accessible to taxpayers in Florida and 11 other selected states. This free electronic

Navigating Spring Break Challenges: Miami Beach Implements Security Measures Amid Concerns and Controversies

Miami Beach is taking steps to address the challenges posed by spring break, with city officials implementing monthlong security measures in response to three consecutive years of violence during the

Iconic Dairy Inn in St. Petersburg to Make Way for Luxury Townhomes

In a significant development for St. Petersburg’s Crescent Lake area, the iconic Dairy Inn, a longtime ice cream shop, is set to be replaced by a luxury townhome project. Owned

Closure Looms for Dunedin Coca-Cola Plant After Years-Long Delay

In a long-anticipated move, Coca-Cola has confirmed the imminent closure of its Dunedin plant, a decision initially announced in 2020 but significantly delayed. The closure, originally slated for late 2021,

St. Petersburg’s Central Avenue: A Neutral Overview of the $14.75 Million Development Deal

The recent sale of the 1100 block of Central Avenue in St. Petersburg for $14.75 million marks a significant development in the ongoing efforts to revitalize the area. Fort Lauderdale-based