Their variable-rate loan is out of control. What should they do now?

Dear Liz: We paid a lot for our house, and a lot to renovate it seven years ago. My banker recommended taking a low-interest loan against our assets at the

SpaceX Starship’s second uncrewed launch ends in explosion

SpaceX’s Starship Mars rocket and spacecraft launched for the second time early Saturday morning, making it through liftoff and a planned separation of the uncrewed ship and rocket booster before

Tampa Bay Businesses Navigate Post-Summer Challenges, Hope for Holiday Uptick

As Tampa Bay businesses emerge from a challenging summer marked by decreased foot traffic and economic uncertainties, owners are cautiously optimistic about the upcoming holiday season. While some establishments have

AmazonSmile was the tech giant’s charity program, but it closed due to limited impact, the

Mohssen Assanimoghaddam/picture alliance via Getty Images Redeem now Amazon closed its charity program AmazonSmile in February 2023. The company said it would continue investing in other impact initiatives like affordable

AOL (TWX): Update on Next Week’s Firings

Redeem now Bethany Clarke/Getty Images Got a kind note from a depressed AOLer who is preparing to be fired next Wednesday, December 12, and would like us to be taking

Meta near deal to sell mixed-reality headsets in China

Meta Platforms is close to reaching a deal that will bring its mixed reality headset to China through a partnership with Tencent Holdings. Under the agreement, Tencent would manufacture a

Big checks and political galas: Hollywood donations expected to spike due to strike ending

Hollywood political donations, sharply stymied by this year’s drawn-out entertainment-industry strikes, are expected to spike now that the Screen Actors Guild has reached a tentative deal with the studios. President

Kids have been used like guinea pigs on Big Tech’s platforms. How much harm will

After more than a decade of uncontrolled experiments by internet platforms on millions of users, there is an emerging possibility that one group of users — kids — may gain

‘The Marvels’ loses its powers with the lowest-grossing MCU opening ever

The Marvel Cinematic Universe once again finds itself at the top of the box office with Disney’s “The Marvels,” but it might be hard to claim that the film performed

Forget gym memberships. Employees want Ozempic in their benefits packages

The craze around pricey weight-loss drugs has many people clamoring for these treatments in company-sponsored health plans. Less than half of large employers cover the new generation of obesity drugs,