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IRS Introduces Free Online Tax Filing Tool: Direct File Now Available for Floridians and Select

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has rolled out a new online tax filing tool, Direct File, now accessible to taxpayers in Florida and 11 other selected states. This free electronic

Allegations of Insurance Fraud Surround Canadian Firm Involved in Hurricane Cleanup

In recent developments, ARS Global, a Canadian company hired by Florida for migrant relocation services and disaster recovery, is facing serious accusations of insurance fraud. The company allegedly filed inflated

Florida Homeowners: The Battle for Affordable Insurance

Searching for Affordable Home Insurance in Florida? Here’s What You Need to Know If you’re a homeowner in Florida, you may have noticed a significant increase in your home insurance

Slide Insurance Acquires Renewal Rights for 86,000 Florida Homeowners

Tampa-based insurance company, Slide Insurance, is set to provide a fresh start for tens of thousands of Florida homeowners as it acquires renewal rights for 86,000 homeowners’ insurance policies previously

St. Petersburg Economic Development Corp Welcomes Mike Swesey as New CEO

St. Petersburg, Florida, is welcoming a new face to lead its economic development initiatives. The St. Petersburg Economic Development Corp. has announced the appointment of Mike Swesey as its new

Florida’s Double Whammy: Soaring Auto Insurance Rates Add to Homeowner Premium Woes

Florida Drivers Hit Hard by Skyrocketing Auto Insurance Rates Amidst Nationwide Increases As if the escalating cost of homeowner insurance wasn’t enough, Florida residents are now facing an additional financial

Disney World’s Governing District Abolishes Diversity Programs: A Shift in Policy and Priorities

In a significant move, Walt Disney World’s governing district, now under the control of Gov. Ron DeSantis appointees, has abolished its diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. The Central Florida Tourism

Controversy Surrounding Florida’s Law Restricting Property Ownership for Chinese Nationals

TALLAHASSEE — The spotlight was on a federal courthouse in Tallahassee as a packed courtroom gathered to witness a heated legal battle over Florida’s new law, SB 264, which imposes

Unpacking the Build Back Better Agenda: Implications for Florida’s Households and Businesses

President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda (BBBA) has been a central focus of his administration, aiming to implement significant increases in various areas of spending while assuring that taxes

IRS Faces Backlog Concerns as Tax Filing Season Approaches: Florida Leads Opposition to Proposed Reporting

As the tax filing season draws near, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is sounding the alarm about a potential backlog that could cause delays in refund processing. The National Taxpayer