HB 1475: The Threat to Florida’s Hemp Industry and How Patrick O’Brien is Leading the Charge to Stop It

HB 1475: The Threat to Florida’s Hemp Industry and How Patrick O’Brien is Leading the Charge to Stop It

Patrick O’Brien, a veteran and the founder of Learn Sativa University and SaveFLHemp.org, recently spoke before the Florida House of Representatives, imploring the representatives to protect the state’s thriving hemp industry and the small businesses that rely on it. O’Brien’s plea, however, fell on deaf ears as the House pushed forward with House Bill 1475, which has the potential to endanger the entire hemp industry in Florida.

Despite being given only 30 seconds to passionately argue against the bill, O’Brien and other business owners and cancer survivors voiced their concerns, attesting to the benefits of hemp products and how the bill would adversely affect Florida’s industry. Nevertheless, the representatives seemed to disregard their constituents’ pleas and voted in favor of the bill.

The proposed legislation, disguised as a measure to protect children, would primarily benefit Florida MMTCs at the expense of the hemp industry. This bill goes against federal guidelines and is already in effect in Florida. The addition of outrageous THC caps and the redefining of hemp in Florida law would only serve to destroy small businesses.

The hemp industry has provided jobs for over 100,000 people and generated substantial tax revenue in Florida. As the bill moves forward, all eyes are now on the next committees, the Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee and the Infrastructure Strategies Committee, which have the power to stand with small businesses and prevent large corporations from monopolizing the hemp industry.

O’Brien and SaveFLHemp.org have initiated a petition opposing the bills, which has already garnered thousands of signatures. The goal is to gather even more support to protect Florida’s hemp industry.

O’Brien’s commitment to the cause serves as a powerful reminder that the people of Florida will not back down without a fight. He will continue his fight for the industry when he returns to Tallahassee for SB 1676, which will be presented before the Fiscal Committee.

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