Unconventional Choices: Where and How to Scatter Ashes in Florida

Unconventional Choices: Where and How to Scatter Ashes in Florida

When it comes to choosing the final resting place for ourselves or our loved ones, some people opt for unconventional options. In the state of Florida, regulations surrounding the scattering of cremated remains may surprise you. This article explores the various possibilities available for scattering ashes in Florida, including both legal and practical considerations.

Scattering at Sea: The allure of the ocean often attracts those who have a deep connection with the sea. Scattering ashes at sea is a popular choice, but federal regulations dictate that cremated remains must be scattered at least three nautical miles from land. While the Environmental Protection Agency does not offer permits for scattering ashes at beaches or shorelines, some funeral homes, like Van Orsdel, provide scattering at sea services in the Atlantic off Miami’s coast. Ocean Ashes in Islamorada, located in the Florida Keys, offers ash-scattering cruises for up to six passengers, complete with a memorable experience and a certificate of scattering at sea.

Private Property and Public Property: Scattering ashes on your own private property is allowed in Florida. However, if you wish to scatter ashes on someone else’s private land, it is best to seek permission beforehand. When it comes to public property such as parks, it is advisable to check with the specific county or city regulations. While Florida does not have laws against scattering ashes, certain parks may have their own rules and guidelines.

Federal Land: Florida’s federal parks, including the Everglades and Biscayne National Park, offer opportunities for scattering ashes. However, protocols must be followed, such as obtaining a Special Park Use Permit from the National Park Service. Scattering should be a small private affair, away from high visitor areas, and the ashes should be fully refined. No commemorative items can be left behind, and the scattering must not disturb the park’s natural resources.

Scattering from the Air: While Florida does not prohibit scattering ashes by air, the Federal Aviation Administration has guidelines that prohibit dropping anything from a plane that could potentially harm people below. This means that only the ashes can be scattered, not the urn or any other object containing the ashes.

Unforeseen Mishaps: Although scattering ashes can be a meaningful and personal experience, it is crucial to exercise caution and follow the appropriate guidelines. Some incidents have occurred in the past where individuals faced consequences for scattering ashes in unauthorized areas, such as sports stadiums. It is important to respect regulations and the wishes of others when considering scattering ashes in public spaces.

Choosing the final resting place for cremated remains is a deeply personal decision. In Florida, while there are no specific laws regulating where ashes can be scattered, it is essential to consider the legal and practical aspects of each option. Whether it’s scattering ashes at sea, on private property, in federal parks, or from the air, it’s crucial to follow the guidelines and permissions required. By honoring both personal wishes and legal regulations, you can find a fitting and respectful way to scatter ashes in Florida.